Kate Gosselin To Become Labor-And-Delivery Nurse

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Granted, I’m not pregnant, but still… Kate Gosselin may go back to her pre-celeb life as a labor-and-delivery nurse, and she can deliver my baby any day! According to Life & Style magazine, the mother of eight has just completed more courses to renew her licenses. And although she recently slammed ex-husband Jon Gosselin for having a “normal” job, she’s now considering the same (hey, a family’s gotta eat).

I am not a fan of Kate Gosselin but I would be first in line to have this woman deliver my (imaginary) baby! All those things that make her so painfully annoying – the bossiness and anal-retentiveness and control-freak tendencies – would actually make her a kick-ass delivery nurse.

When I gave birth to my two boys – I proudly elected for an epidural with both – I was looking for a nurse who was competent and compassionate. Nothing more, nothing less. Kate is both those things. Of course, she’d prefer to continue on in the world of television – Kate Plus 8 was cancelled in August – but the offers aren’t exactly flying in.

And while she may have exploited her kids and become a total cheeseball over the years, this is a woman who knows how to get things done. In other words: Best. Nurse. Ever.

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