Supermodel Karolína Kurková Says Her Natural Home Birth Wasn’t Really That Bad

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Karolína KurkováSupermodel Karolína Kurková, who you may recognize from those Victoria’s Secret catalogues, welcomed her child Tobin Jack just three years ago. But when reflecting on her natural home birth — which took place in her fancy Tribeca apartment — the mother maintains that she actually didn’t think she was going to die. You hear that, Miranda Kerr?

The 28-year-old’s birth reportedly lasted two and a half hours. She and husband Archie Drury had the trifecta of natural birth happening: birthing pool, midwife, and doula. With her husband mixing up “green juice and coconut water” for his wife in the background, the couple ultimately welcomed their son:

“[For] centuries, women have been giving birth naturally and I think your body adjusts to it and you get into a zone…It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a pain. I’m dying, I’m dying,’” the supermodel coach of The Face says. “It was so gradual you just kind of deal with it. You get in a zone, you really focus on helping this child to come out.”

As is the natural birth custom (at least based on all those home-birthing videos I know you all are watching), once Tobin was born he went straight to mommy Karolína’s chest. Even a few years later, now that Tobin is a toddler,  Karolína maintains that she would “absolutely” do the whole home-birthing bit all over again. And considering that it didn’t hurt like hell for her, why not?