Bus Monitor Using Questionably Fractional Part Of Donations To Start Anti-Bullying Foundation

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karen kleinLast we heard from bullied bus monitor, Karen Klein, the 68-year-old  was using her $700,000 to buy cars for her grandkids. Well, that was kind of awkward. But now the grandmother has a new game plan for her donations that includes an anti-bullying foundation. What is she doing with the other $625,000 though, you ask? reports that Karen is throwing down $75,000 on an anti-bullying foundation that she’ll be making a formal announcement about at the end of the month. She has also suggested that she’ll be using some of those pennies towards Down syndrome research, but no big announcements on that one either. Until all of that gets sorted out, Karen is reportedly off to Disneyland with her family. Way to spend those dollar bills on overpriced parking and endless “It’s A Small World” a-thons. One woman’s ideal vacation is truly another’s worst nightmare. To each their own, I guess.

On her new anti-bulling foundation, Karen says:

“We’re hoping to get other people to put money in it, and this is going to be for education for people that have been bullied, for people that just — for people that need it for this situation,” she said.

She also recently appeared at the “Strike Out Bullying Ball Game” at Frontier Field in Rochester, New York, throwing out the opening pitch for the minor league Rochester Red Wings.

Karen is clearly and rapidly becoming a recognizable face for bullying in this country. With both the outpour of public support and sympathy, the grandmother has the capacity to bring about even more awareness to an already hotly debated parenting issue. Which is all the more reason, in her new poster lady status, she might want to reconsider squandering the majority of her publicly donated funds on theme parks and luxury goods for the family.

Granted, these were “donations,” meaning that the retired bus monitor is able to use them as she wishes. In fact, the original online donation was started specifically with the intent to give Ms. Klein a vacation. And given how quickly that sum rose under those stated intentions, Ms. Klein is entitled to spend that money on as many trips to The Happiest Place On Earth as she likes. But as a bullying victim that many Americans can now recognize by face and name, she is, in many ways, representing much more than just herself and her family, which imbues her with a certain amount of PR responsibility. And the last thing victims of severe bullying need to be accused of is blowing public sympathy on one too many Mr. Toad’s Wild Rides.

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(photo: Rob Wilson/ Shutterstock)