How The Kardashians Changed Dramatically Since The First Season

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No One Liked Kourtney’s Boyfriend

kardashians then and now

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The outspoken family had more than a few choice words for Kourtney’s long-term boyfriend, Scott Disick, during the early stages of their relationship. As a matter of fact, when Kourtney was pregnant with her and Scott’s first child, Kris confessed just hearing Scott’s name made her ‘cringe’. But his funny sense of humor and charismatic nature earned him a permanent seat at the Kardashian’s dinner table. Three kids later and a turbulent turned amicable breakup, the Kardashians consider Scott part of the family. Despite his past with drinking, cheating accusations and disorderly conduct, matriarch Kris embraces the father of her grandchildren as her son.  And the lovefest doesn’t stop there. Khloé and Scott’s bond has always been tight even during the darkest of times.

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