How The Kardashians Changed Dramatically Since The First Season

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They Come Face-To-Face With Plastic Surgery Rumors

eeping up with the kardashians

Image: Bunim/Murray Productions

It’s pretty obvious the girls have upgraded their glam squad since the first season, but how far have they really gone to enhance their looks, lips, and hips? Although a lot of their transformation is hearsay here’s the lowdown on their beauty-filler-ness. After months of speculation and denial, Kylie admitted to getting lip fillers.  Khloé claims her thinner nose is due to contouring makeup tricks, not a result of going under the knife. Butt-implants, nose job, and facial reconstruction have all been attached to Kim’s appearance, but the reality star has only admitted to using Botox to reduce her wrinkles. The only Kardashian who set the record straight about her surgery is Kris. She received a facelift during filming.

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