Those Whacky Kardashian Sisters Pulled A Placenta Eating Prank On Their Family

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kim__1377513006_74.134.205.46On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney felt that the Kardashian klan were pretty rude to Kim after she has stated that she was contemplating eating her own placenta, so they got back at them by preparing a piece of brisket and claiming it was placenta. I don’t watch KUWTK, because I never know when it is on and my Sundays are consumed with Breaking Bad  (and I so wish that we could turn this comment thread into us being all “HANK DVD”, but I will not spoiler alert you guys!) but our friends at the Daily Mail watch it, so I can just tell you what they said happened:

‘I will eat some of Kim’s. I definitely want to eat it,’ Kourtney fired back.

Bruce was as disgusted as his wife, telling his daughters: ‘Eating the placenta is like cannibalism, so why the hell would you do that?’

Following their family’s negative reaction, Kim and Kourtney hatched their plan to order a human placenta over the internet and feed it to their unknowing parents.

Ordering placenta off the internet for consumption is NOT an easy task, because I have tried it. I found one medical supply place I could get human placenta from but my mean boss Koa Beck will not let me expense 800 dollars worth of human placenta and eat it so I can write about it for you guys. My friend Blair from STFU Parents suggested I hang around hospital maternity wards and ask women who are in labor if I can have their placenta, but I’m wary I may get arrested and Koa also told me she would not be able to pay my bail money. I have also considered placing an ad for someone to give me their placenta on Craigslist, but I am sorta worried I could get serial killed.

After each family member had tried the dish, a smiling Kourtney said: ‘I’m really proud of everyone for trying something new tonight.’

With worried looks appearing on her family’s faces, Kim added: ‘So I guess you guys really didn’t like the way placenta tastes?’

Bruce, looking horrified, said: ‘You did not do that. That was really placenta? It’s a stranger’s placenta? Oh god. You guys are just sick.’

It was not until the end of Sunday night’s episode of their reality show that Kourtney revealed the truth to viewers.

‘We didn’t really feed them placenta,’ she said. ‘The longer they think they’ve eaten placenta, the better.’

The Kardashian placenta prank Kim pulled on her family was dumb. They are dumb for believing that the girls would actually go to the trouble to prepare something that complicated for their family. I’m sure if they were actually in charge of preparing a meal they would serve something like, I don’t know, trays of lip gloss and money. “Here, casserole.”

I still think Koa should give me placenta money though.

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