If Kanye Is So Worried About North West’s Safety He Should Just Become A Farmer

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Kanye West Worried About North West safetyI know that most of us really don’t give a damn about celebrities and their special snowflake offspring, but because I’m a very important writer/editor of a very important website where people ask me my views on very important topics, I feel the need to weigh in on this whole FANCY WEALTHY CELEBRITY ISSUE OF WORRYING ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR KIDS.â„¢  All of us parents worry about the safety of our kids, whether we are ME or my obvious twin, Kanye West. But here’s the bigass diff, if I were sincerely worried about the safety of my child , like Radar claims Mr. West Is, I would probably not be so much of a public figure. From Radar:

The source told Radar that Kanye’s problem with his daughter getting photos taken by paparazzi and by friends and put on social media isn’t a “control issue,” but worry for her safety.

“Kanye isn’t trying to control any press about North. He’s genuinely afraid for her safety and doesn’t want people to be able to track her every move.

The doting dad has been trying to figure out a way to make sure his only child is safe from anyone that might want to get too close.

“He is talking to other really rich and famous people about how they keep their kids safe and what extra precautions he can take. He isn’t taking any chances.”

I’m not so great at maths but technically don’t Kanye and his wife Kimmy have ALL the money? So it isn’t like they ever need to work again to you know, have even more of all the money. I’m a fan of Kanye’s music but couldn’t he just go buy some remote castle somewhere and make some hot beats in his basement?  And I have never technically known what Kim Kardashian does, but could’t she also do it from a safer location than out in public with 50 gazillion paparazzi people following her around while she does it, whatever it is? You cannot tell me she cannot design klothing for her kapsule kollection from the safety of a basement.

Man, people, real people, have actual worries about their children. Kids are sick, babies have cancer, people are poor and can’t feed their kids dinner and worry about bullets coming through and killing their kid while they sleep in their crib. And all of these parents take active measure to try and fix their situation to protect or help their kid. Fancy celebrity people should be able to live how they want without worrying about the safety of their children, but most people, if they were sincerely in fear about this situation, would probably stop being in the public eye so much and take their gazillions of dollars and buy a farm in Iowa and get some cute chickens and maybe not take their babies out so much.

(Image: KimKardashian Instagram)