I Can’t Make You Readers Happy: Kanye West Is Pushing Kim Kardashian Away And A 3-Headed Baby

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And then in other remote parts of the world we have terrifying and sad stories like the mom in Nigeria and it sort of really puts the whole Kimye thing in perspective. I get the desire to read about celebrities. It’s part of my job. And as much as I would rather just cover important news stories or POV pieces about being a mom I can’t always do that. So even though I would rather cover news I find important or that I can have a strong point of view on , sometimes I have to write about my BFF Courtney. Or Kim. Or any of the other celebrity mommies or their baby bumps or their baby names.

I think this is sort of how the majority of us feel. Even though as women and moms we may all have our trash culture that we indulge in (Scandal, anyone?) the majority of us really care about moms in remote parts of the world. Or rape. Or child abuse. So anytime you see me covering something fluffy I promise you I’m thinking more about the non-fluffy stuff. But today I’m all wondering how in the world someone like Kim can be more worried about keeping the Kim Fame Machine chugging along when this mom in Africa has to worry about her daughter’s life.

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