Heroic Badass Smashes Car Window To Save Toddler, But You Will Not Believe The Kid’s Caretakers’ Response

Row of carsSarah Oropeza of Kansas should never have to pay for a drink again for the rest of her life, because she is a stone-cold badass who was videotaped smashing a car window with a tire iron this weekend to save a trapped toddler, and that’s the sort of thing that should have people lined up to buy the next round.

According to WRIC News, there was a crowd of people in the mall parking lot this weekend when they saw a two-year-old girl in a car seat in the back of a hot car. The temperature was over 90 degrees, and onlookers said the girl was drenched in sweat. Oropeza, who manages a Famous Footwear store in the mall, said she tried several objects before settling on the tire iron to smash her way into the vehicle.

“I was thinking when I was hitting the window, ‘What if she dies?'” she said. “‘What if I can’t get her out? What’s going to happen? What are we going to do?’ I just did what I thought was right ”” just hit the window until it broke.”

The little girl was pulled from the car dripping sweat from her hair and feet, and everyone in the vicinity was crying. A nurse checked the little girl and EMTs arrived to check her out. A godparent reportedly came to retrieve her.

Eventually the couple who was responsible for watching the little girl came out of the mall. According to the Daily Mail they were the little girl’s aunt and uncle and they had been in a cell phone store the whole time. When they approached the scene, witnesses said they seemed completely unperturbed and not at all worried about the little girl. They just asked the police if insurance would cover the cost of the window that was smashed to free their niece from the hot car.

Man, those people were lucky nobody was still holding that tire iron when they said that.

The whole thing was caught on tape and can be seen here:


Photo: iStock/Getty Images

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