Justin Bieber’s Baby Mama Mariah Yeater Drops Paternity Suit

Mariah Yeater, the 20-year-old woman who famously claimed that Justin Bieber is the father of her child, has “quietly” dismissed her paternity lawsuit against the 17-year-old singer, reports TMZ. Yeater’s lawyers, Lance Rogers and Matt Pare, have also withdrawn from the case (hmm, what could have made them do that?).

The entire accusation was sketchy to begin with, and so this isn’t all that surprising (though I was dying to hear this girl’s evidence in court). Yeater claimed to have had unromantic, 30-second sex with Bieber in a bathroom stall following an October 2010 concert at L.A.’s Staples Center, which is what led to her pregnancy.

But she had apparently accused her ex-boyfriend of fathering the child, too, though he said that was “impossible” (he also said the Bieber accusations were a scam and that she was after his money. Oh, and that she once threw a brick through the windows of his Honda and slapped him).

The Biebs, meanwhile, was planning to take a DNA test to prove that he’s not the dad, then counter-sue Yeater and her lawyers for their false claim.

This is, of course, great news for Bieber, who can now finally sleep at night. But I can’t help but think of Yeater’s poor child a four-month-old boy who is being raised by a crazy person. I obviously don’t know Yeater personally and so I have no idea what this woman’s like as a mom, but we do know that she’s got some major issues. Even attempting to pull of such a bogus scam is, well, CRAZY. We can only hope that this little boy will be raised in a safe (read: sane) environment.

(Photo: teenbubblegum.com)

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