‘The Today Show’ Set Up Justin Bieber’s Mom, Made Her The Crazy Lady Involved In Her Teen’s Love Life

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just biebers momRight now, I have this 80’s movie scene playing in my head of Justin Bieber standing at the top of the stairs and yelling down, “Mom! How could you talk about me and Selena to the national press? You’re ruining my life!” Then he stomps down the hallway, slams his door, and plays music a whole lot better than the crap he shills to tweens nowadays. It’s a little sad how much this idea amuses me.

So poor Pattie Mallette was really set up for failure by those pot-stirrers over at The Today Show. The lady just wanted to come on and talk about a movie she helped produce called Crescendo. The movie is about Beethoven’s mother, who considered abortion and even committed suicide while pregnant with the great composer. Mallette’s involvement isn’t particularly shocking, since she’s been vocal about the pressure she felt to abort her pregnancy with Justin. But Mallette wanted to assert that even though the story is one often used to bolster anti-abortion arguments, she doesn’t believe the movie should be considered some sort of political message.

Instead of really delving into this controversial topic that Mallette has strong, interesting opinions on, Savannah Guthrie wanted to go for the soundbite. She just couldn’t help but squeeze in a question about Justin and his relationship with Selena Gomez, asking the mom if she wanted the two to reconcile.

Mallette’s answer was as bland as bland can get. She wants whatever makes her son happy. Selena is a sweetheart. The poor lady didn’t say anything the least bit controversial, or anything that any mom wouldn’t have said about their teenager’s break-up.

Still, the blogging industry gets to write super fun headlines about Justin Bieber’s mom speaking out about his breakup. Suddenly, Pattie Mallette is the crazy mom who gets all involved in her kid’s love life. Cue the montage of Justin strumming a guitar in his bedroom, scrolling through happy couple pictures on his phone, and averting his eyes when Selena walks past him at the Grammy’s with a group of girlfriends.

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