Justin Bieber Should Visit A Concentration Camp To Better Understand His Anne Frank Fail

Justin Bieber Should Visit A Concentration CampWe all know teenagers can be totally self-involved and not the most compassionate individuals. We know sometimes they put their own needs first and care about their own feelings first and sometimes pull some really stupid things because of their own immaturity and the fact they are too busy wallowing in their own overdramatic self-importance and a raging case of hormonal overload. But not all teenagers are like this, and a lot of them are smart and caring and every day they do amazing things in the world to demonstrate that they are fully on their way to becoming amazing grownup people.

If you have a teen you probably hold them to certain standards. You talk to them about what you expect from them and how they should behave and how you want them to conduct themselves when out in this great big world. I don’t feel like teen celebrities should be an exception, which was why the majority of us were pretty appalled that¬†terrible monkey-daddy and all around dork Justin Bieber pulled another class act when he visited the Anne Frank museum and posted in the guestbook:

Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.


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It’s beyond me how anyone could take an opportunity when commemorating their visit to such a sacred and important landmark to use this chance to suggest that mayhaps the “great girl” the museum honors would have been on of their fans. A girl who gave a face and a voice to the terrible atrocities of the Holocaust and who wrote a book that continues to educate and inspire so many with her courage and bravery. But like, forget that dude, because maybe she would have been a fan of the Bieb.

I’m never truly shocked at how vapid and self-obssesed teenagers are, but I would think maybe one of Justin’s entourage or maybe even his mother might have suggested a better sentiment to be left at such an important landmark. Maybe while Bieber is traipsing all over Europe and leaving his monkey places a visit to Dachau to learn some history may be a good idea.

(photo: twitter)

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