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Justin Bieber Really Sees Himself As An ‘Underdog’: My Interview With His Mom

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Premiere Of Open Road Films' "Justin Bieber's Believe" - Red CarpetA couple of weeks ago I was asked to take part in a telephone interview with author, producer and motivational speaker, Pattie Mallette, who also happens to be the mother of Justin Bieber. I’m a fan of moms. There aren’t many celebrities I go gaga over, but I will pretty much get excited about interviewing anyone’s mother at any time. Moms are my people. Plus, I found it sort of interesting the promotional company contacted me, considering my views on things that seem pretty much in direct conflict to the views of someone like Mallette. Were they completely unfamiliar about the sorts of things I usually write about?

I was going to ask her all sorts of amazing things, how she feels about her son’s behavior as of late, how she feels about girls as young as toddler age getting wrapped up in young male popstars and how we raise strong women, what it was like for her being a poverty-stricken teenage mom herself and how we can work to reduce instances of teen pregnancy. I prepared all my questions and phoned in for the interview.

Megan Sayers, from Modern Mom was up first, and she asked Pattie what it is like to be the mom of a superstar and how she keeps her son grounded. Pattie replied that moms adapt to whatever situation their kid is in, and hope that they are just the loudest voice in their child’s ear. Megan then asked about Round Two, which is a foundation that Pattie started to give people a second chance in life, and what advice Patti would give to young single moms. Pattie said her advice for teen moms is to really reach out for help and that they have so many resources and people willing to help and that she read every parenting book you can imagine and joined every mom’s group.

The next question was asked by Carrie from a website that had a name I just didn’t get, and she asked how Pattie deals with criticism about her son and Pattie replied that she feels it is harder for her than it is for Justin, and that not everyone is going to agree with what you do and you just gotta keep on keeping on. Carrie than asked what holiday traditions Pattie and her son share and Pattie replied that they are going to Canada and they always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and that her mom’s birthday is on Christmas Eve so that is how they have always celebrated.

And then the promotion company got on the line and said that we needed to ask more questions related to Justin’s new movie coming out, entitled Believe, which is released in theaters tomorrow.

All my carefully planned questions were useless.

So I asked Pattie how involved she was in the making of the film.

Pattie explained that she had been on tour with her son for two months and that she got to see everything. She said that it was fascinating for her to watch the creative process unfold. I then asked if she ever felt like art directing the whole thing and telling her son what to do and asked he put on a different shirt because moms are controlling. Well, at least I would be. I have a teenager and if I were on tour with him I would be totally stage momming the hell out of him. Pattie replied that she has never been a stage mom and that this whole sort of thing just fell on them and it was never something she tried to make happen. 

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