Just Because The TV Is On Doesn’t Mean Mom Is Watching

A mother who sits down to watch TV with her children usually finds herself walking away to tend to other things. Whether it’s cooking food or pulling laundry out for another cycle, a mom is never in front of the TV for very long. She-economy reports that 50% of surveyed mothers suggested that if the television was on, they were engaging in other activities with their children. Other respondents said that it was actually impossible to focus on the TV is their children were present, regardless of the children’s ages. These numbers are making marketers in the new brimming “mom market” a bit nervous, as how can you capture the interest of such a lucrative demographic? Nowadays, moms who find a few moments alone are online, not in front of the television.

According to She-economy, mothers control $4 billion in annual ad spend making them a big fish for suits. But unlike other demographics, mothers have demands on their time and much less of it. Moms, much like you reader, are turning the internet because it’s always there regardless of time slots. With so much on their plates, mothers can pop online to look up a new brand for a stroller, watch a little OWN, find a new recipe, read up on the latest Planned Parenthood debacle, and quickly log off. And if you’re an advertiser, you’ll be lucky to squeeze into that twenty minutes with a crow bar.

I’m sure that that marketers will find new ways to insert themselves into the private times of mothers. But in the meantime, I like the sheer fact that it’s getting just a little bit harder.


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