Teen Who Brought Seventeen To Its Knees Has No Hard Feelings Over Photoshop — As Evidenced With Cake!

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Seventeen magazineSeventeen magazine may be finally willing to change their extreme photoshopping ways thanks to a petition by 14-year-old Julia Bluhm. But the Maine teenager who brought the publication to its knees certainly doesn’t harbor any hard sentiments over the whole inundating young girls with dramatically altered images thing.

The Women’s Rights Facebook page, a part of, posted the above photo of a cake Julia reportedly baked just for Seventeen in response to their willingness to publish undoctored photos.

Being on the winning side of such a highly publicized fight against warped imagery and media for young people perhaps makes whipping up that icing all the more sweeter. But Julia’s gesture to the big Hearst publication reveals that there’s no personal antagonism to be had in this much larger debate about the media’s influence on girls. Just gratitude for change.