Two Years After Being Set on Fire By Ex-Boyfriend, Judy Malinowski Has Died

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In 2015, an Ohio man poured gasoline all over his ex-girlfriend and then set her on fire. But wait, it gets worse. While the perpetrator has been serving a 10-year prison sentence, the victim, Judy Malinowski, has been in the hospital fighting for her life. As you might imagine, Malinowski’s burns were severe. According to the Columbus Dispatch, they covered 90 percent of her body with third- and fourth-degree burns. The 33-year-old underwent a total of 59 surgeries in the hopes of her someday being able to resume her life. It would never happen. After two years of suffering, Judy Malinowski has died.

Malinowski was just outside of a Gahanna gas station with her ex-boyfriend, 41-year-old Michael Slager, when the incident occurred. Slager claimed that the whole thing was an accident, but witnesses said they noticed the couple arguing just before she was set on fire. Although one witness did mention that Slager attempted to use a fire extinguisher on Malinowski, that might just meant he realized the extent of what he’d done much too late.

“That child suffered for two years to tell her own story, who has the strength to do it?” Malinowski’s mother, Bonnie Bowes, said to NBC4i.

Malinowski was a mother of two, as well as a former Miss New Albany.

Just last week, one of Malinowski’s daughters, 13-year old Kaylyn, said this to an Ohio Senate committee who are currently preparing to pass Judy’s Law—a bill that will increase penalties in cases like Malinowski’s:

“While he got 11 years, my mom, my sister and I all got a life sentence. While we stand here today, my mom lays in a hospital bed where she has been for 689 days.”

Little did the young teen know that her mother would pass away just a few days later.

The bill passed the House back in May and it’s likely to become a law soon. No doubt the tragic death of Malinowski will aid in its passing.

Now that she has died, there’s also a chance that Slager will be tried for murder. According to NBC4i, Malinowski was able to record a sealed deposition to be used as evidence in the event of her death.

Bowes has created the Pageant for Hope, a fundraiser pageant for victims of domestic violence, in honor of her daughter.

(Image: Facebook / Bonnie Bowes)