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To The Sanctimonious Catholic Blogger Judging Girls For Buying Condoms: STFU

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shutterstock_199034324Before we get started, let me tell you all that I am Catholic. I am not a very active Catholic but I try to follow the rules and our kids are in religious education classes. Both have been baptized and we plan for them to follow through as many of the sacraments as they are willing. Mine and my husband’s families are both devoutly Catholic and several are heavily involved in their churches as Eucharistic ministers, readers, choir members, etc. This post is NOT a Catholic bash. It is a bashing of a sanctimonious and judgmental person who just happens to be Catholic.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us continue.

This post comes to us from Catholicmom.com via a tip from loyal Mommyish reader Allthingsblue and I am going to quote the most WTF passages so we can figure out together what exactly in the hell is going on:


Dear young woman who I observed buying condoms at the store the other night,

You probably didn’t notice that we crossed paths the other night. Coincidence Providence placed us in the same grocery aisle when I was buying baby supplies which someone humorously located right across from the family planning section.

You were there with a girlfriend and you were on your cell phone. You sounded a bit tipsy.


Ok, judgement number one: she thinks this young lady is tipsy. And my response to that? So the fuck what? Was she behind the wheel of a vehicle? Was she swearing and hollering at you? Was she slurring her words and falling on the ground? Doesn’t sound like it. Apparently, she was just trying to buy condoms like a responsible young person about to go out for the night SHOULD be doing. Gird your loins, because this is just the beginning.


As I walked by holding my baby, I overheard you explain to your caller, “I’m trying to buy condoms here.”

I admit it: I shuddered when you said that. Judging by appearances, you must be at least ten years younger than myself. No wedding ring either.

Your girlfriend casually suggested buying someone else a box of condoms too. And one for herself. “Might as well,” you said.

Then my heart bled.


No wedding ring, 10 years younger- obviously a deviant harlot with no morals whatsoever, amirite? And she wanted to buy not one, not two, but THREE boxes of condoms?! I think Baby Jesus has the vapors. And now your heart is bleeding- you’re kidding, right?


Let me explain. I realize we aren’t personally acquainted. I’m not here to judge you or belittle you or to lambast you with fire and brimstone over your personal choices but I am here to tell you one thing: you are beautiful.

Let me repeat that. You. Are. Beautiful.

That’s probably why it hurt to overhear you that night, to watch you and your friend pay for your condoms and walk away laughing into the night. Because there but for the grace of God go I.

I wanted to run after you and tell you how you deserved better than inebriated “safe” sex, to show you a card of the Divine Mercy, to introduce you to my one-year-old as an interactive example of what sex is actually meant for.

I wonder if you would have listened.


I cannot believe she has the nerve (or the ignorance) to say that she is not judging these young ladies. She may not have set out to judge people at the drug store that evening but “Providence” would have it that she is doing that very thing. I’m sure this young lady IS beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that she is planning to go out and find someone who agrees to go home and get busy with safely and SO WHAT? Sex is not only for making babies, as she states, it is also for fun and for pleasure. A woman IS allowed to have sex outside of marriage and not with the intent of creating new life. And might I say, if some lunatic came running up to me in the condom aisle at the drug store shoving her baby in my face and preaching at me I probably would have called drug store security.

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