Abusive Judge Caught Beating Daughter Finally Gets Suspended

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William Adams – the abusive judge seen beating his then-teenage daughter with a belt in a gruesome video that went viral earlier this month – has been suspended by the Texas Supreme Court. It’s hardly a matter of justice being served just yet, but it’s a start.

When Adams’ daughter Hillary Adams, now 23, first posted the video to YouTube, millions of viewers tuned in and the media picked up on the story within days. Thanks to the power of the internet, the state launched an investigation but, ultimately, Adams did not face criminal charges because of a statute of limitations (the video was shot in 2004, which means that too much time had elapsed).

Needless to say, it was infuriating to learn that this man could walk free after so clearly abusing his own daughter as she begged for him to stop. Also infuriating is the fact that he showed no remorse, even telling reporters, “It’s not as bad as it looks on tape,” and “It happened years ago…I apologized.”

Now Judge Williams – who ironically presides over child-abuse cases – is suspended immediately with pay pending the outcome of the inquiry started by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct earlier this month, reports CBS News. He still refuses to admit “guilt, fault or wrongdoing” regarding the allegations, which is just mind-blowing!

It’s also annoying that Adams is being paid while on leave, which is essentially like taking a paid vacation. At least we know he won’t be spending any of his free time with his younger, 10-year-old daughter thanks to a temporary restraining order from his ex-wife, Hallie Adams.

Meanwhile, Texas attorney David Sibley has filed a seven-page complaint against Judge Adams. Silbey is referring to a custody case in which the the child was alleging abuse when he writes:

“Judge Adams created nonexistent law stating that children are ‘fantasizers’ and the statements of children amount to ‘no evidence’. The child’s statements were corroborated in several ways and were believable.”

Silbey also claims that Adams “concealed the fact that a primary care giver was homicidal, suicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily drugged, etc.” and that he should have recused himself because of the nature of his business relationship with the opposing attorney in the case.

Whatever happens in court, the fact remains that Adams is one sick man. I watched the video of him beating his daughter more than three weeks ago and still it haunts me. Adams does not deserve to be a father and he certainly doesn’t deserve to act as judge on child abuse cases. His judgement is so clearly skewed, it’s sickening.