This Judge Actually Thinks A 16-Year-Old Student ‘Groomed’ Her 44-Year-Old Teacher For Sex

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This week, Judge Joanna Greenberg decided not to jail a 44-year-old teacher who had sex with his 16-year-old student, on the grounds that she really believes the 16-year-old “groomed” her teacher for sex.


44-year-old Stuart Kerner was given a suspended 18-month jail term after being convicted of an illicit relationship with one of his students at Bexleyheath Academy in south-east London. He had sex with the girl at school and at her home when she was 16. The first sexual encounter happened the same week his wife miscarried their second child. So he’s a predator and a garbage human.

From The Guardian:

Judge Joanna Greenberg QC said the victim had become “obsessed” with Kerner. She told him: “Her friends described her, accurately in my view, as stalking you … There is no evidence you encouraged her in any way. There is no evidence you groomed her. If anything it was she who groomed you. You gave way to temptation at a time when you were emotionally vulnerable because of problems with your wife’s pregnancy.

There’s no evidence he “encouraged her in any way?” He “gave way to temptation?” Yes, let’s reinforce the very dangerous stereotype that men simply cannot control where they put their dicks and that women are temptresses who cannot be trusted.

Kerner was found guilty last month of two charges of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust. The Independent reports “He was cleared of four counts of the same offence and two other charges which alleged sexual activity when the victim was 15. The court was told that the teacher, described as “well-respected” by colleagues, continued to maintain his innocence.” So he’s also a lying sack of shit.

He accused the girl during his trial of being a “devious and wicked liar” and claimed she made up the affair after reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Prosecutors claimed the girl lost her virginity to the teacher. She told police, “I felt special. But, I dunno, it wasn’t really. And admitting that does kind of hurt.” She also said Kerner told her their relationship was “written in the stars” and added she didn’t think Kerner would have pursued her unless she encouraged him. He’s clearly manipulated the heck out of this girl.

A judge feels confident victim-blaming a 16-year-old who had her first sexual experience with her 44-year-old teacher? That is disgusting and infuriating. So he gets a pass for having sex with a child because he was so distraught over his wife’s miscarriage? Are you kidding me? This narrative that females trap and trick men into sexual relationships is ridiculous when its applied to adults and truly appalling when its applied to children.

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