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Another Duggar Is Courting And This One Is Barely Out Of High School

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The world probably assumed that the next courting Duggar might be John David at his advanced age of 25 and owner of a cool bachelor pad just waiting for a barefoot bride to move in. Or maybe Jana, who needs a reason to escape more than ever. That is where the world’s assumptions would be wrong because the next Duggar entering into side-hug heaven is none other than sweet, creative and totally adorable Josiah. He is only 18. And his intended is only 17. Who needs a prom dress when you could be planning a teenage wedding? Good Lord.

As reported by People, Josiah met his new lady friend when he was getting Spanish lessons from her mom. Her name is Marjorie Jackson and while totally cute, I just can’t get excited about someone not even old enough to vote being pushed into marriage. And no, the parents aren’t forcing them to be married but as the Duggars are fond of repeating, the purpose of courtship is marriage. You wouldn’t enter a courtship with someone you couldn’t see yourself marrying. Does anyone else see the harm in teens tailoring a relationship around the idea of being together forever? Well, Ben Seewald was only 19 when he and Jessa got hitched so I’m guessing not.

As a bonus, they officially started courted the day Jill and Derick’s lil’ savior came into the world! The Duggars do love their anniversaries so this one should be easy to remember. He was quoted about his reasons for being so smitten in People:

“It’s been going very well,” Josiah tells PEOPLE. “I met Marjorie a few years ago, when I was taking Spanish lessons at her house and I was very impressed with the way she was with her siblings and her love for the Lord.”

It’s always that love for the Lord that proves to be most compelling for the Duggars. Whatever, they’re basically children. This just makes me sad because he’s repeating what’s been drilled into his ears since the day he was born.

Speaking of drilled, let’s not forget that Josiah was sent away to brain-washing camp last year for what must have been a glimmer of independent thought. To me, Josiah being encouraged to court at such a young age only means that Jim Bob thought it best to tie him down in the lifestyle he approves of as early as humanly possible.  These poor kids. They honestly don’t stand a chance. Their fans are fond of saying that they are “so happy” and that they obviously like their parents’ way of doing things but let’s be frank, here — does anyone really think they have a choice? Spoiler alert — they do not. If they want to veer off the pre-approved path, they can probably kiss their family relationships goodbye. And since their parents have seen fit that they have little outside of their family, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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