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Josh Duggar Resigns From His Job Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal

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We need to talk about how Jim Bob and Michelle (and their kind) raise their children in regard to sexuality and shame. The fact that masturbation is considered a sin and sex is probably never discussed outside of it’s place in a marriage. The guilt and shame they associate with sexual acts is clearly damaging to their children. The fact that these alleged victims probably thought it was somehow their fault for “tempting” their abuser (because Michelle has made quite clear that this rests on the shoulders of women and girls — making sure not to tempt the menfolk) is completely deplorable and sad.

I will NEVER excuse what Josh did — he is a vile piece of garbage and chances are, he would have done it regardless of his upbringing, but the way sex is treated in that home certainly wouldn’t help matters and that is something Jim Bob and Michelle need to answer to. That, and the fact that they don’t seem terribly concerned about the damage this caused to Josh’s victims. Only that getting through this ordeal brought their family “closer to the Lord”. These people are sick and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may choose not to cover them anymore after this. I don’t want to give them more headlines. I don’t want to further them in any way. But I couldn’t be silent on this matter. All I am thinking of now is those girls — hoping that somewhere along the way, they will get the help they need to work through this.

Looking at Josh’s apology, it’s disturbing how he doesn’t mention any hopes for his alleged victims and their recovery, only that he has the Lord now. It seems like no one is worried about the long-term damage that may have been done, only that Jesus forgives Josh and he can move on with life. It’s unreal.

To top it all off, TLC is running a 19 Kids and Counting marathon right now. Really, TLC? Is this one last push to profit from these sickos before you have to take them off the air? Out of sensitivity for those involved and abuse victims everywhere, that never should have happened. Way to show no concern whatsoever for these girls.

All I can hope now is that somehow, these girls will be taken care of. When Michelle says they received “counseling”, I definitely don’t buy it since that was a lie for Josh but I truly hope someone with their head on straight at TLC does the right thing and offers it. If these alleged victims were his sisters, maybe that could explain why Jana is in no eager hurry to get married. She could have healing to do that no one even knows about. Let’s just all focus on their healing and hope that someone, somewhere, does right by them.

UPDATE: TLC has pulled all future airings of 19 Kids and Counting. No word on long-term plans, but the marathon previously scheduled and all other airings have been removed from the line-up.

(Image: Anna Duggar Instagram)

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