Writing About Her Child On Her Windshield Actually Got This Mom A Kidney

3801451_1426854802.2605Normally all I see on the rear windshields of the cars in front of me are those little stick figure families or the words “Wash Me” scrawled in dirt, but one man recently looked up and saw the minivan in front of him saw the words, “Looking for someone 2 donate me a kidney! Must have type O blood. (You only need one kidney!)” And because he is a big damn hero, he decided to help.

According to Today, 30-year-old corrections officer Josh Dall-Leighton is a father of three and the sole breadwinner for his family, but still he stopped and wrote down the phone number when he spotted the windshield in the parking lot of an Applebee’s. The car belonged to 24-year-old Applebee’s waitress Christine Royles, and the note on the rear windshield mentioned that she was mother to a 2-year-old boy, which was the piece of information that made Dall-Leighton and his wife decide they needed to try to help.

”He doesn’t think any child should be without a mother””that’s the first thing he said when he saw it,” said Ashley Dall-Leighton.

Royles is suffering from kidney failure due to lupus, and she was put on the list for a kidney transplant last year, but after a few months she decided to put matters on the back of her windshield and see if someone would help.

”Everyone thought it was weird, they thought it was creepy,” she said. ”But I had this really weird feeling that it would work.”

And it did. Dall-Leighton was not even the only person to be moved by her message. The local news did a story on Royles’ windshield, and she wound up getting 50 offers. After several rounds of testing, Dall-Leighton was approved as a match, and the surgery is scheduled for next month. Royles says she has a hard time believing that anybody would go through something so extreme for a complete stranger, but she is very grateful.

”It’s really amazing because he has three kids, he’s the sole provider,” Royles said. ”He’s got a young family and he’s just going to take time off to do something for a random person””I think it’s pretty crazy.”

Dall-Leighton has been avoiding the spotlight and having his wife answer all interview questions.

”He’s so happy that he can make her life better and that she’ll be healthy again. He never once regretted that phone call,” Ashley Dall-Leighton said.

While Dall-Leighton is an amazing person for making this kind of sacrifice for another person and her family, that sacrifice will require even more than just an extreme surgery and a long recovery time. He’ll have to take six weeks off work for the surgery and recovery, and that leave will be unpaid. A friend of the Dall-Leightons’ has set up a Go Fund Me page to help the family pay their bills during that time.

Photo: GoFundMe

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