Josh and Anna Duggar’s Youngest Son Makes a Rare Appearance in Christmas Photos

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Josh and Anna Duggar keep a pretty low profile on social media these days. They share little bits and pieces of their lives, but aren’t as active as other members of the Duggar family. So fans were thrilled when they got a glimpse of Josh and Anna’s youngest son, Mason. The family was in Florida for Christmas with Anna’s family, and her sister Priscilla shared a couple of pictures from the holiday.

Josh and Anna Duggar celebrated in Florida with Anna’s family and their 5 kids. Baby Mason was born in September, but this is the first time we’ve seen pictures of him since his birth.

Josh and Anna posed for a Christmas Day picture with their 5 kids, and various members of Anna’s family. Baby Mason is seen seated on his grandma’s lap, with his little hand covering his face. The couple’s other kids, Mackenzie, Michael, Meredith, and Marcus are scattered about with their cousins and family members.

Josh and Anna Duggar also enjoyed a date night on their holiday vacation. Mason tagged along with mom and dad on their triple date with Anna’s sisters and respective husbands.

When it seems like every other Duggar kid is sharing their life on social media, the eldest Duggar son’s decision to live more privately is a bit of a departure for the reality TV family. Josh and Anna Duggar have kept a very low profile since his cheating and molestation scandals rocked the family. Josh resigned from his job and left social media revelations that he’d sexually abused his own sisters were made public. He entered a faith-based rehab not long after he was also revealed to have a membership on Ashley Madison, a website for cheating husbands looking for mistresses.

Through it all, Anna stood by his side. According to the Duggar family rules, divorce isn’t an option, even when you’re married to a sister-molesting cheater.

(Image: Facebook/Josh & Anna Duggar)