Hopefully One Day Kylie And Khloe Can Laugh As Hard At These Jordyn Woods Memes As We Did

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Now, listen. We really aren’t trying to make light of what is, by all accounts, a very painful situation. The allegations that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with a very close friend of the family are just gross. He is gross! The whole Tristan/Jordyn Woods saga is already messy, and bound to get messier. Jordyn Woods, if you weren’t aware, is Kylie Jenner’s best friend. They’ve been super close for years. Woods is a regular fixture in the Kardashian household. Hell, she lives in Kylie’s guest house! Well, lived. So this was a major betrayal. But it really does help to laugh through it sometimes. And these Jordyn Woods memes have us rolling.

It’s pretty clear that people have accepted the fact that Tristan Thompson is trash. Maybe Khloe will come around to the facts, now? But even the biggest Kardashian haters were taken aback by the involvement of Jordyn Woods. Her best friend is (was) a billionaire, and she was along for a very lucrative and entertaining ride. She worked for Khloe’s clothing line, for chrissakes! Betrayal against the family aside – how are you going to give all that up for some D that’s already been around the block? It just wasn’t a smart move, honey. But at least we’ll always have these Jordyn Woods memes to remember her by. Because lord knows her social stock is about to plummet.

Seriously, these Jordyn Woods memes are fantastic. Like, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

jordan woods
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YOU HAD ONE JOB, JORDYN. Seriously though, we need to know the thought process behind this. Kylie Jenner is a literal billionaire. And she brought Woods along for it all! Parties, vacations, shopping sprees, whatever. Woods was there, just enjoying the fringe benefits of being friends with a very rich person. All she had to do was be a good friend, not gossip about the family to the press, and NOT MESS AROUND WITH HER BEST FRIEND’S SISTER’S BOYFRIEND. Seems pretty simple!

Just removing her from everything, LOL.

jordyn woods
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No joke – Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods collaborated on a lipstick collection for Kylie’s line. FIVE MONTHS AGO! It’s called the Kylie x Jordyn collection, so not only were the friends, they were actual damn business partners. Can you even imagine? It’s hard to wrap one’s brain around just how much Woods threw away, all for some guy who isn’t worth the paper his name is printed on. Like, come on. These Jordyn Woods memes are really bringing up allllll the dirt on this former friendship. Here for it! A few days ago, Woods lived in a mansion, had a billionaire best friend, and her own makeup collaboration. How times have changed.

You know Kris is having a goddamn good time right now.


Now, we’re not saying that Kris isn’t sad or upset by the recent events. Her kids are hurting! One daughter was cheated on and lost her man, the other daughter lost her best friend. But … this is Kris Jenner we’re talking about. If you don’t think she hasn’t thought of 18264 different ways to market the hell out of this for the brand, you don’t know Kris. Hopefully right now she’s focused on supporting Khloe and Kylie and their kiddos. Before she, you know, puts on her momager hat and just unleashes unholy hell on Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson. Hell hath no fury like a woman when you hurt her paychecks.

Turn every setback into a business opportunity, it’s the Kardashian way.

jordyn woods
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There is money to be made on this, folks! You know and we know that Kris is already brainstorming some stuff. Good god, just imagine the promos for this VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, LOL. Dramatic music, cut to Khloe getting a text, cut to Kylie getting a text, cut to Kim peeking out from behind a bush. Then tears, some yelling. Footage of Woods running out the backdoor. This is going to be amazing in a few months, bet on that. If you can’t beat them (literally), at least make some money off of them.

Stormi, baby, open the door. Open the door for Auntie Jordy!


Man, these Jordyn Woods memes came out fast, LOL. The Kardashian fandom must have hours of footage just waiting to be meme’d and gif’d. It would take us hours to make even one meme, but somehow there are already thousands to choose from, And this is why we love the internet! Hundreds of Kylie and Khloe stans heard the news a couple of days ago and immediately posted up in front of their laptops to start generating some A+ content. We don’t watch the show, so we had no idea this scene even existed. But we thank whomever found it and turned it into this amazing meme.

This is us. No shame.

jordyn woods
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The rest of the news is so bad. Just … so bad. So we have a few options! Read the bad news and get really depressed. Close the internet for the day (LOL, that’s not really an option, but we felt compelled to acknowledge it’s possible). Or keep scouring the internet for the latest updates to the Kardashian/Jenner drama. We don’t need to be more depressed, so guess which one we chose? But this also means we can round-up all the great Jordyn Woods memes for you. So, you’re welcome. It feels kind of bad to get so much joy out of the misery of others, but not bad enough to make us stop.

Load up the Uber!


We bet Jordyn Woods is seriously regretting her life choices right about now. Goodbye, money you didn’t have to work for! So long, secondhand fame that got you in doors and on TV! We wonder if she gets to keep all the gifts and stuff Kylie bought her? Or is she packing up a U-Haul as we sit here, loading it all up before Kylie comes to take inventory? We have a hard time understanding why should would throw it all away. But people make really, really bad life decisions. Even rich and famous people. At least Tristan Thompson has an actual job. Jordyn’s job was being Kylie’s BFF.

Where do we send our resume?

Laugh all you want, but when the dust settles and all is said and done, Kylie’s going to need a new best friend. Someone who, you know, won’t sleep with her sister’s boyfriend. We can say with 100% certainty that we meet that very specific criteria! We also enjoy staying home, we’re good with kids, and we don’t know enough about the Kardashian family to be of any value to gossip mags. So seriously, is there an application process, or…? We need to start working on our speech and dust off the ol’ CV. Not sure this collection of Jordyn Woods memes would count.

It’s about to dry up!

jordyn woods
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We just seriously cannot wrap our heads around this. Literally ALL SHE HAD TO DO was be a good friend. That’s it! Doesn’t seem like she was required to do much else around there. Just tell Kylie she looks pretty, play with the baby, not talk smack. And like, not sleep with the sister’s boyfriend? That one seems completely and 100% logical. Now she’s living with her mom, no money, no friends, the wrong kind of fame. In the Stupid Decision Hall of Fame, this one is going right to the top. Right up there with walking out onto a lake thinking it’s frozen but not checking first.

Sorry, that number has been disconnected.

jordyn woods
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LOL, people are brutal. Brutal! But we are fine with that, and we made peace within ourselves a long time ago. This kind of celebrity gossip doesn’t come around very often, so people are really letting it all out with the Khloe/Kylie/Tristan/Jordyn mess. And it is a mess. But the clever people behind these Jordyn Woods memes are really doing the lord’s work and we should all be so thankful. In a few days, when Woods looks around at what her life has become, she is going to have … regrets. Until then, the memes and tweets are going to be fire.


jordyn woods
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Well, they sure didn’t waste any time, LOL. We suppose it could be a coincidence that the Jordy lip kit went half off a couple of days after the news broke. Could have totally been in the works for a while, sure! But we have a feeling this is some low-key Kardashian/Jenner shade. Just mark it down, get it out, and still get the money from sales. Sounds about right for the Kardashian clan! You know that lip kit is going to sell out, too. It went from regular to very limited edition overnight, people are going to snatch up every last kit.



OK, the tweet is clearly fake (Woods hasn’t tweeted in the days following the scandal), but this clip is real. It’s from an episode of KUWK. ONCE AGAIN, superfans have done well and turned a simple clip into one of the best Jordyn Woods memes we’ve ever seen. It’s just perfection, LOL. But that’s what you get when you mess with your bestie’s sister’s boyfriend. Both of them are trash and we have zero sympathy for them as this plays out. Don’t shit where you eat, Jordyn, it’s the golden rule. You broke that rule, and now you’re homeless and infamous and lost your best friend.



In case you need a refresher: Blacc Chyna was Kim’s BFF and was with Tyga. Then Kylie hooked up with Tyga. While he was still with Chyna, who was still best friends with Kim. So … yeah. The whole family is so messy, and this is just another drop in the messy bucket. But it’s still funny, and we will still enjoy these Jordyn Woods memes. Probably more than she’ll enjoy them, sure. But karma doesn’t mess around, as a whole lot of people are finding out right about now. Karma and the internet will get you every damn time.

Listen, it’s a valid line of work.

jordyn woods
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Going to be super awkward when Jordyn tried to land a real job after living the high life with Kylie. Can you even put TMZ down as a reference? Obviously she’s going to try to parlay this into her own fame, which … should be interesting. The Kardashian family has a lot of pull in Hollywood, and Woods threw a damn Molotov cocktail at that bridge, watched as it burned, and then set fire to the ashes. People who aren’t even affiliated with the Kardashians know better than to get on their bad side. This was not a solid career move.

This meme is timeless and so versatile.

jordyn woods
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You knew a roundup of Jordyn Woods memes would include some tried-and-true classics. Hindsight is going to be very, very difficult for Jordyn Woods to reconcile. Throwing away a lifetime of security, fame, money, and for what? TRISTAN THOMPSON ISN’T EVEN A STARTER. Lol, the bad decisions abound with this one. It’s not like Kylie doesn’t have a group of friends waiting to slide into Woods’ place. And if Jordyn Woods thinks there’s something with Tristan, maaaaaan. He couldn’t even stay faithful to the mother of his baby. Yikes, what a mess.

Clean up in aisle two.


The Jordyn Woods memes with Kris Jenner are our favorite. Because look, we know Kris is an absolutely ruthless manager. She spun her kid’s sex tape in a multi-million dollar empire, after all. But at the heart of it, shes’s a mom. And these people hurt her kids! Any of us in the same position would respond accordingly. We don’t care how much money you have, when someone hurts your kids, you get very primal. Just so happens that Kris can get revenge and made a few bucks off it. She’s a very talented woman, that one.

We hoped you enjoyed these Jordyn Woods memes. Like we said, a little break from all the bleakness in the news is always welcome, and our meme and gif warriors did not disappoint this time around.

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