Hopefully One Day Kylie And Khloe Can Laugh As Hard At These Jordyn Woods Memes As We Did

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Image: Instagram / @_issssamood_

Now, listen. We really aren’t trying to make light of what is, by all accounts, a very painful situation. The allegations that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with a very close friend of the family are just gross. He is gross! The whole Tristan/Jordyn Woods saga is already messy, and bound to get messier. Jordyn Woods, if you weren’t aware, is Kylie Jenner’s best friend. They’ve been super close for years. Woods is a regular fixture in the Kardashian household. Hell, she lives in Kylie’s guest house! Well, lived. So this was a major betrayal. But it really does help to laugh through it sometimes. And these Jordyn Woods memes have us rolling.

It’s pretty clear that people have accepted the fact that Tristan Thompson is trash. Maybe Khloe will come around to the facts, now? But even the biggest Kardashian haters were taken aback by the involvement of Jordyn Woods. Her best friend is (was) a billionaire, and she was along for a very lucrative and entertaining ride. She worked for Khloe’s clothing line, for chrissakes! Betrayal against the family aside – how are you going to give all that up for some D that’s already been around the block? It just wasn’t a smart move, honey. But at least we’ll always have these Jordyn Woods memes to remember her by. Because lord knows her social stock is about to plummet.

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