Jon Hamm Will Have A Say In How To Depict January Jones’ Pregnancy On ‘Mad Men’

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January Jones announced in April that she’s going to become a single mother which immiedately left Mad Men fans wondering what that would mean for the formerly Mrs. Betty Draper. The show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, is remaining tight-lipped on if January’s pregnancy will be included in the show, but Jon Hamm, who will be directing the season five premiere, will be the first to either capture or hide the pregnancy.

Weiner mentioned to E! Online that he does have a few suggestions, but come this fall, it will be Don Draper calling the shots:

“I have to do something about it, but I’m not going to tell,” he said. “It could be laundry baskets or it could be a body double. There are a million things you can do.”

Jones’ baby is due right in the middle of Mad Men season five shooting schedule, but with episodes not airing until early 2012, reshoots post-baby are entirely possible. Although we may still not know for certain what Weiner has planned for the story arc, you can certainly credit Jon Hamm with the strategic placement of that laundry basket come the season premiere.