Jon Gosselin Says He’s Too Broke To Pay Child Support – Try Getting A Job, Buddy!

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child support gosselinBack in the early days of Jon & Kate Plus 8 – long before Kate Gosselin‘s trashy makeover and Jon Gosselins‘s complete sketchiness – I loved this family. It’s embarrassing to admit but I’m telling you – they were once endearing and dare I say it, real. I always felt badly for Jon, though, because even the likable Kate was a total control freak who was constantly bossing him around. Then again, I often felt badly for Kate because she had to do everything (come to think of it, she was probably the one to dub Fifty Shades Mommy Porn; I mean, imagine that woman relinquishing control).

As we all know, the couple had a pretty nasty split but are supposedly on good terms these days. I don’t see that lasting, however, since Jon says he can no longer afford to make his house payments if he supports his children:

“I am a single father who’s trying to make ends meet during a recession. What do I do – pay child support or rent? I need to support my kids, but I could lose my house, and I need my home to continue to have custody.”

Apparently Jon’s money has run out after all those years on television. Oh, and he hasn’t bothered finding a job since those glorious days of reality TV. He says it’s because he’s still recognizable but I’m not buying it. Remember, people: Jon used to work as an IT analyst – is being a Z-list celebrity really a hindrance to that profession? I highly doubt it. Yes, it’s rough out there with the current economy but c’mon, the guy could get a job if he really wanted one. I truly believe that.

Perhaps I’d be more compassionate if Jon didn’t think he deserves a medal for getting kicked off of “quitting” TV:

“I decided to take the high road and quit reality television and now look, I’m going to end up in jail because I can’t afford to pay child support to Kate who has plenty of money.”

Look, I get the sentiment, but Kate being a total fame whore has nothing to do with Jon finding a job. If you want to be a good father, not to mention a solid role model to your children, get a freaking job and stop your whining.

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