Unbelievably Awful: Teens Murdered Two Men, Had Sex On The Bodies And Then Played Grand Theft Auto

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Miner reportedly told police Landerman jumped on the backs of the dead men.

“Miner described Landerman’s actions as surfing on the bodies,” and told how “they released a gasp of air, and possibly feces as well, as he stated it smelled,” according to a report.


So they “surfed” on the bodies, bodies of two men who were murdered for around $100. Bodies of men who were said to be loved dearly by their friends and family. But that’s not all.

“McKee related that during the night that Josh wanted to put the bodies together, which they did, side by side and they put something over the bodies, which was beige in color and they were going to have sex on top of the bodies,” a report said. “McKee relates that she did not stick around for that …”

McKee also told police Landerman may have been involved, too.

“McKee did relate that she thought Adam and Alisa had sex because they were talking about having a three-way on top of the bodies that were laying on the floor,” a report stated.

“McKee relates that Alisa agreed with having sex on the bodies because she just wanted to go along with Josh and that they had been together a long time,” the report stated.

When questioned by police, Massaro smirked about having sex on the bodies but then later admitted to it. Another creepy fact about this case is that one of the people involved,  Adam Landerman, happens to be the son of Joliet Police Sgt. Julie Larson.

The suspects are being held on ten million dollars bail each. I find it very hard to believe that just weed and booze were involved to make anyone act in such heinous, grotesque ways. An interesting aspect of writing for Mommyish is that we are always supposed to have a strong point of view in the articles we write, and my point of view in this case is that these people are just repulsive animals and I can’t even imagine what would make someone do something like this. For $100? That’s just sheer insanity.

I’ll update this as more details become available, but in the meantime, I’m just trying to understand how a group of people could do something this awful.

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