Angelina Jolie Is Completely Correct — Dealing With Your Child’s Poop Is A Rather Humbling Experience

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Angelina JolieHow does Angelina Jolie stay grounded? What with all of the fans and media obsession and constant nonsense about being one of the most beautiful people in the world, it could surely go to a girl’s head. Well, according to a quote from Total Film magazine, the award-winning actress keeps a level head on her shoulders thanks to her children. Specifically, thanks to their bowel movements. She said during an interview, ”The great thing about having a bunch of kids is they just remind you that you’re the person who takes them to go poop!”

And the funny thing is, I could completely understand what Jolie was talking about. As a mom, even one without a fraction of the success Angelina Jolie has had, I can definitely relate to the humbling experience of dealing with your kid’s excrement.

Potty training does not need to be a huge celebration, but it is an experience that every parent understands. It’s a time when you deal with things you had never even considered before having kids. It’s a time when answering the question, “Is my butt clean?” makes total sense. It’s a moment when you understand just how much of “being a parent” really involves serving your children.

I haven’t been in her position, but I can imagine that after dealing with cameras and press all day long, going home and helping your child go to the bathroom is a small blast of reality.

It seems like Jolie, and her fiance Brad Pitt, work extremely hard to remember that they are normal people. They consistently seem to focus on making sure the Jolie Pitt kids see their family as being just like everyone else’s. The actress continues in the interview, “We have a very normal, very grounded home. And we’re friends, and we have a laugh with our kids. And we don’t pay attention to this [celebrity] view of ourselves. We don’t buy those magazines, we don’t watch those TV shows. We just shut it out.”

I can imagine that dealing with poop is a good way of shutting all that celebrity nonsense out.

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