40 Interesting Unknown Facts About Jojo Siwa

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jojo siwa

Instagram / Jojo Siwa

Have you ever heard the name Jojo Siwa? If the answer to that question is yes, then you either have kids or you’re very up on your pop culture. And if the answer is no, then you’re probably like most of the world. Either way, you’re doing just fine. For those who don’t know (or who need a refresher course), we’re about to go deep with our Jojo Siwa knowledge. After getting her start back in 2015 at just 12-years-old as a regular on two seasons of the Lifetime show Dance Moms, she’s become a full-fledged icon in more recent years. After leaving the show, she did what most teens do — she became a YouTube vlogger.

In addition to her very popular YouTube channel, she’s also a singer who released an EP and several singles. Perhaps you’ve heard her song “High Top Shoes.” At 16-years-old, she’s hustling like few others in the business, save for her good friend, Kim Kardashian West. With her bright-colored clothing, sparkles, and her ever-present bow, she’s become an idol to kids and tweens everywhere. For those of us who may be out of the loop (because we’re old now), there’s so much to learn about this dynamo.

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