Johnson & Johnson CEO Resigns After Slew Of Recalls

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Johnson & JohnsonAt least those many Johnson & Johnson recalls are finally causing some shift in the ranks. The CEO, Bill Weldon, announced that he will be stepping down this April following recall after recall, a few of which were for well-known baby products.

CNN reports that Weldon has been the CEO for over 40 years, describing him as “one of the most respected executives in the drug industry.” But his company’s “sterling” reputation has undoubtedly been compromised with a handful of recalls, three of which have occurred in just under six months.

The recent products specifically for kids include Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion, recalled for containing “excessive” amounts of bacteria, and Baby Tylenol, for a dosage error. Also, Johnson & Johnson’s classic baby shampoo included a cancer-causing ingredient.

A rather sizable chunk of Mommyish readers don’t plan on using Johnson & Johnson products for their kids following the Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion recall, suggesting that the brand has lost its trust among a newer generation of parents.

Although Weldon will reportedly still assume a chairman position in Johnson & Johnson, his resignation after four decades suggests a dramatic shift in a company that has been valued among mothers and fathers for years. Perhaps his successor, Alex Gorsky, can turn the boat back around. But will parents even be waiting?