John Legend Finally Admits That He’s Arthur Come to Life

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There are very few things I love more than when a meme comes full circle. Or even better, when someone who’s been meme’d just owns and and embraces their fate. There’s been an Arthur meme floating around for a long time. You know the one? Where Arthur, the aardvark from the cartoon, is standing with his fist clenched. Pretty soon after it started making the rounds, people noticed how much John Legend looks like Arthur. And it’s true! Crooner and husband of our fav Twitterer DOES look like Arthur. It’s been an internet joke since then, but now, Legend is just owning it and becoming the meme. I love it so much.

John Legend recently filmed a commercial for Google Duo. You have to watch it all the way through, trust me on this.

The sweater! The collared shirt! He had that grimace down pat. AND OMG THE FIST. People absolutely lost it after he posted this video.

It’s too perfect, LOL.

But then John, being the good sport that he is, took it even a step further. And I’m glad he’s made this clarification, because honestly, they could be alternate-universe brothers.

He updated his Twitter bio to include “No relation to Arthur”!!! This made me laugh so hard. And honestly, it made me like him even more! He’s a meme, he can’t get away from that, and rather than ignore or fight it, he just embraced it with good humor. That’s how it should be done!

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Plus, now little Luna and her soon-to-arrive baby brother will grow up knowing why all of their friends ask them if their dad is Arthur. Because you KNOW this will follow them into their childhood, adolescence, and beyond.

It’s always fun to see a celebrity being in on the joke and not taking themselves so seriously. And it seems like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have got it down.

(Image: Twitter/@diasyrdley)