John Edwards Rumored To Want Second Baby With His Mistress-y Lady Friend

John EdwardsThe National Enquirer was certainly right the first time when they reported that the Presidential hopeful, John Edwards, was cheating on wife Elizabeth Edwards right before the 2008 election. Many rolled their eyes when the tabloid published assertions that Edwards had fathered that headline-grabbing “love child” with Rielle Hunter — a film producer he had hired to document his experiences on the campaign trial. And later, it turned out that the zero respect rag had actually gotten the story right, exposing not only Edwards’ affair but also his now 4-year-old baby daughter, Quinn.

So now that the Enquirer is alleging that the pair are hoping for another baby, I’m buying it.

Reports allege that because Edwards is up for federal trial soon for using over $1 million in campaign funds to conceal his affair with Hunter, time may not be something the couple has a whole a lot of. If convicted on those six felony charges, Edwards could go to jail for almost 30 years and possibly pay a $1.5 million dollar fine. Edwards has notoriously tapped his eldest daughter, Cate Edwards, and her legal expertise to assist him during the trial. Yet, all the while, 48-year-old Hunter is reportedly looking to conceive — fast:

“She’s made having another baby a top priority…It’s given him more impetus to win his trial and not go to prison…She’s in great physical shape, so she’s hoping to get pregnant soon – if she isn’t already.”

Hunter is also, according to this same anonymous source, pleased that Edwards’ kids have “finally embraced her.” Regardless of if another baby arrives or not, Edwards will certainly be abandoning two families (or one large one) should a guilty verdict come down. However, if “sources” keep selling tips to the Enquirer,  the Edwards kids will most likely always have a roof over their heads.

(photo: WENN)

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