Another Day, Another Sex Scandal For Complex Family Man John Edwards

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John EdwardsJohn Edwards is reportedly planning a second baby with his mistress Rielle Hunter while also confronting federal charges for using campaign money to covering up said affair. He’ll be tapping his eldest daughter, Cate Edwards, for legal expertise of course, but will she also be helping him deny recent reports that he used a prostitution service in 2007? Game Change definitely left out this tidbit! writes that Edwards’ name came up when Anna Gristina, a Scottish mother of four and a “Millionaire Madam,” named the politician as having slept with one of her prostitutes. Politico is calling the woman a “Soccer Mom Madam” who reportedly ran her high-end service out of an Upper East Side New York City apartment. Yet Edwards seems to have taken his one-time fling to a hotel suite.  Apparently, the police find the mother and madam’s story “credible” but Edwards is denying everything according to a recent statement by his lawyer.

Edwards may very well have not have dabbled in the Scottish mommy’s services, but his track record on this sort of thing makes his — or his laywer’s — statements a little difficult to trust. This wouldn’t be the first time the Presidential hopeful straight out lied to the public about his extra-marital sex life, only to fully come clean later on. The continued swirl of scandal surrounding Edwards casts him as an exceedingly complex father who not so secretly dotes on his love child, or perhaps just your standard politician. Both, probably.

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