John Edwards Found Guilty Of Being A Lousy Father And Spouse — But Nothing Else

John EdwardsJohn Edwards may have cheated on the late Elizabeth Edwards, denied it, and then confessed to it — but jurors could not discern if he was guilty of using campaign funds to obscure his affair. The father and politician, who famously sought out the legal counsel of his eldest daughter Cate Edwards, may be despicable to many, but a crook he reportedly is not — for now.

A judge declared a mistrial after jurors could not reach a verdict on five of the six counts against him. After nine days of deliberation, the jury did find him not guilty on one count of fraud. According to The New York Times, Edwards turned first to his daughter in the first row and smiled after the verdict was announced.

Although the affair, and the press induced by said affair, certainly did a number on the Edwards family, the postponement –at least for now — on jail time probably relieves everyone from 30-year-old Cate all the way down to baby Quinn — Edward’s child with Rielle Hunter. With a guilty verdict no longer looming in the near future, perhaps he and Rielle can get started on the rumored second baby.

(photo: WENN)

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