Joe Simpson’s DUI Arrest Could Really Tarnish Jessica’s New Mommy Brand

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Joe & Jessica SimpsonJoe Simpson, the patriarch of the Simpson family and recent second-time grandfather, got into a bit of trouble this week. Alright, he got himself into more than a little trouble. Jessica and Ashlee‘s dad got to spend the night in jail.

Simpson was pulled over on August 4th at 10pm for driving under the influence. Joe was booked and got to spend the evening in the company of LA’s finest. He was released without bond the following morning.

The penalty for the former-minister probably won’t be very stiff, since it is his first offense. But the publicity for the family might not help his daughter Jessica as she looks to turn the birth of her daughter Maxwell Drew into a new mommy-branding marketing campaign.

Already, Jessica has battled against harsh press in the wake of her Weight Watcher’s deal and more than a little over-exposure fatigue. After hearing about everything from her sex life to her cravings to her bodily functions during this pregnancy, the public has been understandably tired of the singer-turned-reality-star-turned-fashion-mogul.

Any negative press concerning the Simpson family could be the straw that broke the media’s back and start a full-fledged backlash against everyone’s favorite self-professed airhead. (Not that we think Jess is dumb, just that she capitalizes on that personna.)

We all know that the idea of profiting off your child’s birth didn’t start with Jessica Simpson, but she’s certainly taken it to a whole new level. And she’s been helped along the way by her father-manager. Now the two might just have to start shilling some adorable candid photos of little Maxwell just to divert everyone’s attention from Joe’s legal problem.

Get ready for an adorable tabloid photo shoot and a couple over-sharing quotes in 3… 2… 1…

(Photo: Carrie Devorah / WENN)