Joan Rivers Thinks That ‘Fat’ Grammy-Decorated Adele Needs To Prioritize Weight Loss

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Joan RiversIt shockingly doesn’t matter if you’re a record-breaking singer with tremendous talent and armful of Grammys. Regardless of your sensational career, as a lady, your weight is precisely what some want to bring to the forefront — or rather what Joan Rivers is looking to talk about when it comes to Adele. You know, because there’s so little else you could say about a woman of her talents.

Joan Rivers was on HuffPo Live recently elaborating on an anecdotal story on “Late Night With David Letterman.” Not only did Joan meet Adele, but she had a running inner monologue about the new mother’s weight the entire time — which she shares with the audience. With bloated cheek mimes, plays on “Rolling In The Deep,” and snide fried chicken references, we get it, Joan.  She not only asserts that Adele is “fat,” but also says that she should “should just calm down or lose weight!”

Rivers claims that Adele asked for an apology, to which she responded on HuffPo Live:

“I took an ad out on her a**. I said, ‘You are not fat,’ and then I had room for a lot of other ads.”

Obviously, Rivers has built an entire career on being the comedienne who “goes there.” But given how tired fat jokes are at this point, I posit go where? There’s no there there. Nevermind that critiquing the body of such a celebrated and noteworthy female singer smacks of some serious double standards. But sheer bodysnarking doesn’t exactly leave me — as well as the booing audience at Letterman — in stitches.

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