Jimmy Kimmel Video Stars Kids Discussing Differences In Genders

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 8.53.11 AMKids are pretty smart little creatures and Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask them “What’s the difference between boys and girls?” in his Jimmy Kimmel Talks To Kids series. The answers range from the unusual, girls don’t like television, to the typical genital differences, but the main reason, according to these kids, that boys and girls are different is because of their hair length. Of course!
I think my favorite kid is the one who keeps suggesting that the reason is “disturbing” and when pressed by Kimmel he replies that he is “Just trying to express the question you (Jimmy Kimmel) asked me!”

[youtube_iframe id=”EkTb3Y1CDcA”]

It’s no shocker that little kids think the differences between boys and girls sound like typical sexist reasons, the color pink, being rough versus being gentle, but little kids don’t really understand gender stereotypes unless someone explains it to them. We all know boys can like pink and girls can be rough and all of that good stuff, and I do think that most parents explain this little fact to their kids when they hear them saying things like that. The only creepy part are the You Tube comments, which, of course, are transvestite jokes due to the adam’s apple comments and utter shock and outrage that kids this age know the words “penis” and “vagina.” I always felt like the jokey words for the sexual organs of people were creepy, and no I won’t give you examples because they creep me out too much. I hear those words enough when I’m in the company of other people’s children.

And even though she may one day grow up to read this. when my daughter was little she used to call her vagina “My pajama” which I think is an excellent euphemism from a toddler who can’t quite pronounce words. I prefer the term “lady garden.” I’m joking, but not really, because “lady garden” is hilarious.

(Photo: You tube)

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