Some Parents Love To Hate Jimmy Kimmel, But He’s Done Something Pretty Wonderful This Time

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Whenever we cover Jimmy Kimmel on this site, he’s usually making kids cry. This time, he’s crying.

Last month,  Kimmel called on kids and parents to send various Rainbow Loom creations into the show. His goal was to make a suit entirely out of Rainbow Loom bracelets. He succeeded – but his “project” took an amazing turn when some elementary school kids sent in a video on behalf of their friend – 7-year-old Max Wilford – who is battling brain cancer.

“I’ll help you make your Loom suit if you help me make my longest necklace in the world,” Max challenged Kimmel.

Max along with his classmates and family started “Super Max’s Loom-A-Thon Against Cancer,” a fundraiser for the MaxLove Project, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting families fighting childhood cancer. Max and friends are collecting Rainbow Loom bracelets to make the longest Rainbow Loom bracelet “in the world.”

His friends put together the video to convince Kimmel to help. It worked. Kimmel donated his Rainbow Loom suit to the cause. It is currently being auctioned on eBay.

Max’s friends and family have raised almost $3,000 on their crowdfunding page. The bids on Kimmel’s suit have reached $8,000 so far. Kimmel gets choked up at the end of the clip, when Iron Man enters the scene to give Max tickets to Disney World. The whole thing is pretty heartwarming. I have to say, I liked it a lot better than watching kids cry.

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