Jimmy Fallon Gets Williams Sonoma For Valentine’s Day, I Get Pics Of Poop

Andy Samberg Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"Celebrities are different from you and I. Sometimes I forget that concept, because in my head many of them are my BFF’s. Yes, it’s pathetic – but I can’t be the only one that has imaginary conversations with my celebrity BFF’s in my head, can I? Hello? Anyone else?

Today I read an article about one of my favorite imaginary BFF’s, Jimmy Fallon. It was a story in  in Parade magazine  about the Valentine’s Day gift that he’s probably going to receive from his wife:

Wife Nancy usually heads to Williams-Sonoma when it comes to gift-giving. Fallon loves his gourmet gadgets, including a sous-vide machine and a device that both steams and purees vegetables, which he uses to make baby food for Winnie.

I found this incredibly adorable and heartwarming. Imagining these two parents, who have wanted to be parents for so long celebrating their first Valentine’s Day with their baby was making me a little weepy. Until I got this text:


Hello reality, how are you today? Yes, that is a text message from my Valentine and father of my children – we had a constipated toddler today, and he figured sending me these updates would make my day. I am a parent, so it sort of did. I added the hearts because I love you all too much to ambush you with poop.

I’m just a blogger, not a celebrity – so I’m getting pictures of poop instead of fancy sous-vide machines and pureeing contraptions. But the Fallons and I have something in common if this Parade story is true – we’re celebrating Valentine’s day thinking about our kids. Sappy, but kind of lovely.

Pictures of poop really don’t need to exist,  but I tell the anecdote to say that sometimes it’s those boring (or disgusting) parenting/relationship things that you tell no one else about that are the things that bring you the closest. I mean really, who else can you email pictures of your toddler’s poop to? It’s pretty gross, but it’s a testament that we’re doing this gross parenting thing together. And that’s something worth celebrating.

Happy Valentine’s Day, honey. Never text me a picture of poop again.

(photo: Getty Images)

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