Jimmy Fallon’s MyFamilyIsWeird Hashtag Makes You Thankful for Your Relatives

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Let’s face it, everyone has a weird family member. Some of them are just more out there than others and that’s okay. No one’s perfect. Jimmy Fallon started the hashtag MyFamilyIsWeird to highlight those “weird” family members. Some people have neurotic moms, other people have dad’s who tell a ridiculous amount of dad jokes. And if you have grandparents or other older relatives they’ve earned their right to be eccentric. But there’s always an extreme like a great aunt who collects those dolls with the dead eyes. Or maybe your bachelor uncle is a borderline hoarder. They’re your family and you have to laugh or you may cry.

On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon will share some of the funniest #MyFamilyIsWeird tweets that he comes across and they are pretty hysterical. Some are downright embarrassing, like the one where the mom puts the family’s scarecrow decorations at the dinner table in place of her children. Some are silly, like the mom who won’t drink the frozen margaritas she orders because they “too cold.” Or even, the dad who cut off the points of birthday party hats because he didn’t want the kids poking their eyes out. I mean, that one almost makes sense. Nothing was weirder than the grandma who took professional pictures with her creepy doll and a lifelike stuffed monkey though. You read that correctly. A doll and a stuffed monkey. Can you imagine walking into the portrait studio and seeing that? Yeah, me either.

If you search the hashtag #MyFamilyIsWeird, be prepared to laugh. There are obviously a bunch of tweets, but here are some of my favorites.

Dads are so weird

Oh mom

Dime bag grandma

Maybe Santa skips this house

Perfect Family Photo

Funny, yet morbid

Pretty Convincing

Treat the dog like family

Like I said, these are just a smattering of the truly hilarious, a little weird and truly bizarre tweets in the hashtag. Share some of your own wacky and weird family stories!