Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Celebrate What Would Have Been Their Daughter Jubilee’s Sixth Birthday

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took to Facebook again today to wish another Happy Birthday to one of their many children. However, today’s post was on a more somber note as the couple was honoring their stillborn child, Jubilee Duggar, who would have turned six this year.

”It’s hard to believe Jubilee would have been 6 years old today,” the post said. ”Jubilee is our 20th child who was stillborn.”

”We so look forward to seeing Jubilee in heaven,” the post continued. ”In the Bible, King David’s baby died and he stated, ”˜I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.’”


No matter who you are, or what you believe, losing a child is difficult. So, naturally, the Duggars are looking to God for support during this time of year. They hold hope that if they each ”repent our sins and put faith and trust in Jesus” they will eventually get to meet their child in heaven, according to their post.

Many followers of the family replied to the post with support for the couple. Some even shared a few of their own stories of going through the tragedy of a stillborn child. One fan commented that she remembered watching the birth of Jubilee Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.

”I remember watching this episode and being almost 30 weeks pregnant and then on Jan. 7, 2012, I had a stillborn baby girl too,” she posted, according to InTouch Weekly. ”It’s the most horrible thing to go through for any mother.”

With 19 kids and an ever-increasing amount of grandkids, the Duggars seem as if they are always wishing someone a Happy Birthday. Only a few days ago, Jim Bob and Michelle were wishing their youngest child, Josie, a happy eighth birthday. Josie was born premature, has always been called the family’s ”miracle baby.” Many fans were upset with Josie’s cookie-cutter birthday message. But perhaps the reason for Josie’s generic birthday message was the realization that Jubilee would be turning six only a few days later.

Later this month, the couple will also be celebrating the birthdays of Jinger, Jordyn-Grace, and the twins, Jedidiah and Jeremiah. Our thoughts go out to Jim Bob and Michelle during this difficult time.

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