Jillian Michaels Professes Herself To Be A Toddler Veggie Master ‘Genius’

shutterstock_127407557Mother of two Jillian Michaels is tooting her own toddler culinary horn. The Biggest Loser host says she has got the sneaky mommy vegetable tricks down. And it all starts with how you construct that pizza.

Jillian Michaels tells Fitness in their April issue that she may struggle to work out now that she kids Lukensia, aged three, and Phoenix, 10 months. But she does not struggle in the kid feeding department:

”I’ll make whole-wheat pizza with mozzarella, onions and butternut squash, and to [Lukensia] that’s pizza,” Michaels explains. ”I am a genius ”¦ I am so proud of myself because I have fooled her into eating healthy, and let me tell you, that kid is smart!”

But it’s Sundays that are the designated crap food day in the Michaels household — or rather, excuse me, “treat day.”

”Lu knows that Sunday is her treat day, so she can eat ice cream or French fries or something,” Michaels explains.

Treat Days — a patented Jillian Michaels component in the otherwise yummy and healthful pizza genius strategy. Parenting wins are few and far between so take your hard-earned toddler feeding badge and run with it, mommy. While you pat yourself on the back, that is!

(photo: Anton Oparin / Shutterstock)

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