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10 Reasons Jill Duggar’s Fetus Should Thank Jesus He’s A Boy

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6. No Worries About Causing Lustful Thoughts With A Glimpse Of Knee

We all know that seeing lady skin can derail a Godly young man from his righteous path. He will never need to worry about being some poor guy’s “stumbling block” and he will surely have a cadre of sisters one day who can whisper “Nike” when a slutty temptress is near in her v-neck t-shirt.

7. He Can Have Any Career He Wants

We have yet to see a Duggar woman be anything but a mom or a mid-wife. Oh, wait- Jinger is a photographer for sport. There is nothing wrong with any of those paths but it would seem they are the only options. Meanwhile, Josh Duggar has a fledging career in politics, John-David owns and operates Duggar Towing and works as a volunteer firefighter and Joseph is also a firefighter. Baby Dilly can do anything he wants!

8. He Will Never Have To “Submit” To Anyone

According to his grandmother Michelle, a wife has to submit to her husband and do The Sex whenever he wants. He will always be on the winning end of that arrangement.

9. He Will Not Have To Bear The Burden Of Eve

He can sit on all available household surfaces any day of the month without fear that he will leak the liquid sin on everything.

10. He Can Freely Express His Thoughts And The Wymens All Have To Listen

As the Duggars frequently mention, the father is the “spiritual leader” of the house and makes all of the important decisions. Basically, this kid will have it made because he has the right parts.

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