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TLC Swaps ‘Shark Week’ For ‘Mom Week’ Starring Jill Duggar’s Homebirth‏

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In information that will not surprise anyone who knows all about the Duggars, the birth of Jill Duggar-Dillard’s first child with husband Derick will be broadcast on TLC. Not only that, but it is to be the centerpiece of an entire mom-themed week of programming that’s being dubbed TLC’s version of Discovery Channel’s ever-popular Shark Week. I guess I see the correlation — birth being super bloody and all.

Of course, it makes sense that this birth would be televised as everything else the Duggars do is televised but it sounds like TLC is milking their popularity for all it’s worth. From Variety:

“The Mother of All Weeks” stunt running May 3-10 has been built around the May 5 two-hour episode of TLC stalwart “19 Kids and Counting.” The episode revolves around the birth of the first child of series star Jill Dillard, the second-oldest daughter of the expansive Duggar clan.

The idea for “Mother of All Weeks” was born about six months ago as TLC execs brainstormed ways to turn the Dillard birth into a bigger event for the Discovery Communications cabler. That led them to focus on packaging new and existing series and specials under a “Shark Week”-esque umbrella brand.

I hope Jill and Derick will be adequately compensated for allowing the TLC viewership to witness their big moment. Something tells me Jim Bob and Michelle will see more profit than they do, which is infuriating. I very much hope I am wrong on that count because the attention of the audience has certainly shifted to the older daughters now that Michelle is done having children.

This “Shark Week” will also include a sneak peak at the new series Labor Games, which will involve couples…in labor..trying to win prizes for their new baby. This feels like TLC reality shows have maybe jumped the shark. Obviously, if there are interested couples willing to be on tape while giving birth so they can win prizes, than no harm, no foul. I just can’t believe this is where we are at as a society. I’m sure many of us will watch out of sheer curiosity but I can’t imagine what would compel a couple to put such a private situation on tape for the sake of prizes and money. Well, I can imagine it. I just don’t understand it.

If all of this programming centered around Jill’s birth means that all of the Duggar daughters might see a bigger piece of the pie, then I’m all for it. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, there are rumors that Jana wants to leave home and attend college. Many readers (and myself) expressed concern that she would not be able to do so financially. Of course, she’s not the one giving birth but if this is the centerpiece of a huge programming push on TLC’s part, it would stand to reason that the Duggars are getting more money altogether. I hope it means positive things and more choices for all of them.

(Image: Via Jill Duggar Instagram)