Fans Are Convinced Jill Duggar Is Calling Out Her Husband In Her Instagram Post

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those that like and look up to the Duggar family, and those who watch to cringe. And finding hidden messages from the family is something we like to look for now that the kids are older. Are they being secretive on social media? Do we need to read between the lines now that the grown Duggars, like Jill Duggar, are able to share more? That’s what fans of the family are curious over after an Instagram photo popped up on Jill’s feed.

Some fans are sure that Jill Duggar is calling out her husband in an Instagram photo, and if it’s true… well, holy dang.

The 27-year-old reality star married Derick Dillard in 2014 and they’ve got two boys together. Their relationship has been in the eye since they got together because Derick is quite the person… he’s very polarizing and fits in to what we’d assume the Duggars like, politically and personally. There have also been cheating rumors swirling since December of last year that Derick is cheating on Jill.  And people who follow the family feel like Jill just called those rumors out in one photo, that looks innocent.

Until you read between the lines.


The Hollywood Gossip reports that fans took a much closer look at a photo Jill posted of her reading a bible. You can see her two boys in the background and the caption reads, “Praying for my hubby and boys this morning.” The bible she’s reading contains a highlighted passage, and people wondered if Jill Duggar was sending a message in those highlighted words about her husband’s alleged infidelity.

“Seems like typical Duggar stuff — until you realize that Jill is reading a passage from Proverbs that includes the sternly-worded “Warning Against Adultery,” The Hollywood Gossip reports. And reading through the comments, people were really wondering what that was about.

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“And no one else has noticed that she’s praying for her husband under ‘warning against adultery?'” one comment read. Another person took shots at Derick being a jerk store and writes,”You should pray for your husband to open his mind and be kind to others even if they are gay or transgender.” “She’s probably beside herself with anxiety about it,” another person wrote in reference to the allegations her husband is cheating on her.

It’s not like the Duggar family to really address any rumors, but maybe Jill Duggar is? What do you think?

(Image: Instagram / @jillmdillard)