Don’t Look Now But Jessica Simpson Is Filming Yet Another Weight Watchers Commercial

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson continues to spoon feed us her baby weight loss journey, filming her second Weight Watchers commercial this week. The singer and Fashion Star mentor tweeted a picture of herself on set, careful not to give away too much while still demonstrating just how stick thin she’s becoming thanks to hours of workouts with a celebrity trainer the same program your mom and her friends use that involves weighing pieces of chicken and fake ice cream bars.

According to Simpson, she’s lost all but 10 pounds of the 70 that she put on during her pregnancy with little Maxwell Drew. There was plenty of speculation over the summer whether Simspon was struggling with the weight loss, since she took more than a few months before bouncing back into the public eye after childbirth. Now, it looks like she’s eager to prove those early rumors false by wearing denim shorts and sitting for tell-all interviews. This next commercial is just another step down that road.

One of the most amusing aspects of the Jessica Simpson – Weight Watchers charade is how obvious it is that Jessica’s weight loss is nothing like those who normally use the program. That’s not specifically Jessica’s fault. Her even pound has been obsessively detailed by the press. She’s under contract. Jessica has an immense amount of pressure and incentive to lose weight that most new mothers don’t have to deal with.

Also, Jessica has a lot more help losing weight. She has personal trainers to help her shed the optimum number of calories. She has help watching her daughter, so that she isn’t bogged down changing diapers and folding laundry when she could be hitting the elliptical. She has nutritionists and dietitians  probably provided by Weight Watchers, to make sure that she gets yummy, healthy food all the time.

Yes, Jessica Simpson is losing weight, but she is nothing like a normal Weight Watchers user. Her weight loss has nothing to do with their program and everything to do with her being a celebrity mom in the public eye whose expected to be back to her “pre-baby body” almost immediately after having a child. I guarantee that whatever script she reads in that commercial, it will be made to convey the image that Simpson is just like every other mom out there. She’s not.

So yippee for Jessica’s 60 pound weight loss. Maybe Weight Watchers should try talking to a normal mom though, attempting to lose weight while heading back to work two months after delivery when her sick leave runs out. If Weight Watchers can work for that mother, there would be something to advertise.

(Photos: Twitter & WENN)

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