Jessica Simpson’s Halloween Costume Reveals Her Waist So People Are Going Bananas

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Halloween

If you thought those cut off shorts were making people nuts, you clearly haven’t been on Twitter in a minute. Dedicated Weight Watchers spokesperson Jessica Simpson would like to share her Halloween costume with you. And without a single Weight Watchers endorsement in the frame, you can certainly bet that this is one of the best ads the company could hope to buy.

The new mother tweeted the image of herself, fiance Eric Johnson, and baby Maxwell Johnson in their trick-or-treating finest. With a simple “Happy Halloween!” we can only guess as to the family’s inspiration. I’m going to go with random Anglo-Saxon peasant couple complete with the chicken they plan to eat for dinner.

Needless to say, press attention went straight to Jessica Simpson’s waist to which Weight Watchers can gladly take credit. Last week, Us Weekly reported that the singer had lost 60 pounds — and just in time for a leggy Halloween costume!

Forget bikini season. It’s October 31st that mothers really need to consider their deadline for reaching optimum hotness.

It’s a Weight Watchers ad that promises that you too can aspire to be back in your bodices, being the MILF-iest MILF on the block, just in time for Halloween. Are you pulling out your credit cards, ladies? Weight watchers sure hopes you are!

(photo: s_bukley / Twitter)

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