Jessica Simpson Went Out To Dinner, Which Is Really Just Code For Baby Weight Update

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Jessica Simpson weightJessica Simpson‘s fiancé, Eric Johnson, celebrated his 33rd birthday over the weekend with a couples dinner. But who cares about him when Weight Watchers spokesperson Jessica Simpson is eating in front of strangers?

Daily Mail reports that the singer was wearing “a glitzy get-up” that included “a bead-embellished beige, white and brown frock which hung loosely over her arms and stomach.” Aside from nudging the singer about remaining free of “any terrible temptations,” those earnest scribes also add,”But she made sure to leave her tanned legs on show which she dressed up in nude high heels.”

What’s even more obscene than the typical Daily Fail’s prodding about weight is the suggestion that her every public meal will be occasion to surmise that baby weight loss. Granted, women in the public eye deal with such commentary on their PDE (public displays of eating) on a regular basis, or documented instance of public eating (DIPE), according to The New York Times. That’s all par for the course of fame — if you’re a lady, that is.

But if keeping abreast with Jessica Simpson’s wholesomely approachable, “I’m not a supermodel” Weight Watchers campaign means leaning in to gauge her dinner dates, than I’d say we’re not taking a huge depart from supermodels. While Simpson’s plugging has proved to be worth every penny of Weight Watchers money, instances like these thinly veiled baby weight updates shatter any posturing about Weight Watchers being for your average mother.

She is representing a brand every time she sits before a dinner plate and so a particular tinge of scrutiny accompanies every standard body-snarking critique. The line between Weight Watchers-endorsed photo ops and the malicious press being typical is blurry for good reason.

Not every woman is Jessica Simpson, but the cultural obsession with what women eat is obviously not restricted to the famous cohort. New mothers may not have a line of paparazzi awaiting their date nights but they certainly have the equivalent: criticism or praise of their every angle and dietary choice. Even compliments are drawn from the same toxic well of how a postpartum lady “should look.” As long as that standard remains firmly in place, I suppose every new mother is looking down the road at many a baby weight update. Oops, I mean dinner date.