Jessica Simpson’s Baby Bump Is Showing Everybody!

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shutterstock_106162457I know, I know – the “baby bump” sighting stories are pretty tired. But I was actually excited to see the Jessica Simpson pregnancy progress for baby number two.  I’m six months pregnant with my second child and feeling like I look they way I did when I was 8 months pregnant with my first. So although I’m not one of those people who is going to be  slamming Jessica as she gets bigger – I’m excited to see that she seems to be popping quicker with her second one, too.

Around the holidays I remember seeing stories about how Jessica already looked “seven months pregnant.” I thought, Ugh, here we go.

Wow. Some women carry small. Some women carry big. And some women carry Jessica Simpson Huge. But Jessica’s all right with that.Bumpin’ and proud!” she tweeted.

This is the picture the article is referencing:


I think she looks great. And I am here to confirm that yes, you do show bigger and quicker with the second child. It’s a damn shame Jessica set herself up for all of this pregnancy-weight criticism by becoming the spokesperson for Weight Watchers before she even gave birth to her first child. And now she claims that she will do it again after she has her second.

I’m usually pretty sympathetic when stars have to go through this type of body scrutiny when they are in the already fragile hormonal state that pregnancy puts you in. But with Jessica, I just think Kudos to you! She’s using all the hype around her pregnancy size to cash in on a giant payout from Weight Watchers. That’s brilliant, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like someone with her resources wasn’t just going to lose the weight anyway. Being the savvy business woman that she is, she enjoyed a $4 million payout for doing it.

Go on with your big, bad, pregnant self Jessica. I think you look amazing.

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