Jessica Simpson Holds A Purse So She’s Obviously Trying To Cover Up Her Post-Pregnancy Body

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shutterstock_128041160__1376684658_142.196.156.251Just in case you forgot for one, single minute how much women in Hollywood are body shamed after their pregnancies, I thought I would share the headline of a Daily Mail article today about Jessica Simpson:

 The cover up! Jessica Simpson conceals her post-baby body with handbag amid claims she’s struggling to shed weight

The cover up! Yes, certainly she has no need to carry a handbag. What women do you know who actually carry purses when they leave the house? Oh, all of them, you say?

The 33-year-old was spotted self-consciously holding her handbag over her midsection as she shopped in Beverly Hills on Friday, following reports that she ‘feels really, really frustrated’ with her weight loss after baby number two.

It looks to me like she’s just holding her purse, but let’s point out how self-conscious she is while doing it. She should be holding it over her head rather than draped across her arm, I guess. Frankly, I don’t really understand how you could not be self-conscious when photographers are pointing their cameras at you, but whatever.

I know, I know, she deserves all the negative attention because she sold her post-baby body image to Weight Watchers. I just think it’s depressing that no matter how you hold yourself, if you’re not svelte within weeks of delivering a baby you have somehow failed. Maybe I’m just projecting about my post-baby body right now as I self-consciously hold my computer across my lap.

Simpson gave birth on June 30, so she basically just passed the 6-week mark where your doctor can generally clear you to exercise after a c-section. For a lot of women, weight doesn’t just magically disappear after you give birth. It takes some work and some time. I know she’s getting paid a zillion dollars to lose this weight, but I still don’t think it justifies being so hard on the girl.

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